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INTERVENTION is a slice-of-life family drama with universal themes of a young Italian-American couple in the Bronx of 1968 and the challenges they face with family, loyalty and the miracle they encounter that changes their lives forever. 2019 marks the 15th anniversary of the film and is available on Amazon Prime. Inspired by a true story, with a cast of mostly non-professional actors, the film went on to win many awards, including Best Drama and Best Film from prestigious film festivals as a dramatic film, about restoring faith in the family.

The film is 90 minutes in length. No nudity, some strong language, and adult themes.

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Bonus materials include:

  • The making of “Intervention”
  • From script to screen
  • Trailer
  • Audio commentary with Anton Evangelista, James Morricone, and Rob Haley


Have you ever wondered why we laugh! What makes something funny? One thing everyone pretty much agrees: laughing is fun and makes you feel good. Just Laugh! is a fun-filled documentary film from award-winning filmmaker Anton Evangelista, and producer John Galasso, exploring the many positive benefits of simply . . . laughing. Scientific proof has shown that a good belly laugh increases blood circulation, reduces stress, builds the immune system. Discover how laughter helps us cope with life’s aggravations and anxieties, lowers blood pressure, and improves brain functioning. Even medical professionals are utilizing laughter as part of their treatments in a variety of ways. Regardless of political, religious, and social boundaries, laughter is the universal language everyone understands. Laughter is cheap medicine. A good prescription for a healthy mind and body is to be sure to take several doses of it each day. So why not be good to yourself?  Just Laugh! Buy it now on DVD $14.95
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Author & Activist: The Daniela Gioseffi Story

A documentary film on the life and work of internationally acclaimed poet Daniela Gioseffi, an immigrant daughter who survived abuse by the KKK, which led to emblematic writings and an irrepressible voice against prejudice, along with her commitment to Eco-Feminism, Peace Activism, and Climate Crisis, deeply rooted from her proud Italian-American heritage.

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The story of ninety-year old Umberto Evangelista’s own vivid recollections of his life as an eternal immigrant, both in Italy and in the United States.

A story of personal triumph, choosing love and forgiveness as his weapons of “revenge.”

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